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31 percent of consumers research a product on their mobile device *

* Source : Juniper Research

Overview: MymCommerce

Generate revenue with a fully-featured mobile commerce website. Select from Sagepay or PayPal as your payment gateway (others can be used), upload your products via a CSV file, implement your search engine optimisation strategy and manage them via an easy-to-use dashboard.

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Personalise Your Mobile Web Site

MymCatalogue is a completed mobile website platform with the following features:

Website Branding

  • Product - Fully configurable content section to display. Large numbers of products can be split into product categories to make locating products much easier by customers.

  • Logo - Add your company logo once and it will appear at the top of every page on your mobile website. The recommended size is 640x84.

  • Footer - Further information can be also added into a footer that appears at the bottom of every page on your mobile website.

  • Welcome Text - Additional text can be added onto your mobile website’s homepage.

  • Location Map or Banner - Display your location using Google Maps on your homepage, or if this isn’t appropriate, the map can be replaced with a banner.

Engaging Your Customers

  • Favourites Icon - Let your customers save a link to your mobile website using an icon defined by you, so that they can instantly find you.

  • "Call Us" Button - Make it easy for customers to get in contact with you by calling directly from their mobile phone by simply tapping the "Call Us" button. This button can be made to appear at the top and bottom of every page and the name of this button can be changed if required. If you don’t want customers to call you this button can be made to direct users to a Contact form.

  • Callback - Allow potential customers to request a callback at a time convenient to them with the ability to amend the 'contact us' form with a callback request option.

  • Contact Form - Enable your customers to send an email message to you using a contact form to ensure you capture all of their relevant details.

Product Administration

  • CSV Import Of Products - Add products to your catalogue by uploading a CSV file.

  • Flexible Product Categories - Add and delete products as required and add category descriptions. Product category pages can have also have their title tags and meta descriptions modified as required.

  • Update Product Specifics - Manage product variants by size or colour.

  • Update Products individually - Product details can be updated via the dashboard on an individual basis.

Core mCommerce Functionality

  • Shopping Basket - Allow customers to select the products they wish to purchase to purchase.

  • Wishlist - Allow customers to store their favourite products to view at a later date.

  • Checkout - Customers can purchase via a streamlined purchase page.

Process Orders Simply

  • Manage customers – View your customer list.

  • Manage Orders - Access a searchable and downloadable list of orders placed via your mobile website and views their payment status.

  • Define Shipping Details - Set your website’s standard shipping costs and specify a free shipping basket value.

  • Manage Payment Gateways - Configure the method of taking payments. Sagepay and PayPal are available as standard, although others are available on request.

Social Marketing

  • Social Sharing Buttons - All content can be shared via Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Google+.

  • Twitter Feed Display - A specific section displaying your Twitter feed can be made available from the main menu. Users are also able to follow your account directly from this page.

  • Blog Feed Inclusion – Easily add new content to your mobile website by displaying your latest blog posts. Simply add your blog feed URL into the dashboard.

Content Pages

All of the following content pages are available “out-of-the-box” and can be reordered and turned on or off as required. It is also possible to change the names of these pages to suit your business requirements. Apart from the Gallery and Video pages, HTML code can be added to all of the pages below to extend their capability from simply displaying text:

  • Locations - Each of your locations can be described with an individual profile and, depending upon their hardware and permissions provide your customers with a list of your locations sorted by distance from them. Separate maps and "Call Us" buttons can be available for each location

  • News - Newsworthy content can be collated within its own section.

  • Service - The products or services your company provides can be described in a specific section, and organised in sub pages.

  • People - The 'People' section displays profiles of key personnel (with microdata for enhanced search engine appeal) along with optional social profiles and profile picture.

  • Custom Pages - Additional pages can be added to extend your mobile website to meet additional business requirements.

Product Promotion and Marketing

  • Featured products - Promote sale or key products on your mobile website’s homepage with a slideshow of featured products.

  • Product Discovery - Allow customers to discover your products by following 'category trees' to explore complete product list.

  • Product Search - Individual products can be found by customers using a partial match on the product name.

  • Voucher codes – Offer store-wide % off voucher codes to incentivise sales and attract new customers via popular voucher code websites.

  • Enhanced Product Display – Increase the opportunity for your products to be discovered by other search engines with the use of product microformatting.

Search Engine Optimisation

  • Editable Page Title & Descriptions - All pages can have their title tags and meta descriptions updated, allowing you to extend your search engine optimisation strategy to your mobile website.

  • Add canonical tags - All mobile webpages can have a canonical tag to the desktop website version of the page added within the dashboard.


  • Google Analytics - Customers can use a specific Google Analytics profile to track the mobile website's usage.


  • Mobile Device Detection Code - Choose from two versions of the mobile detection script. The first automatically redirects users to a mobile website; the second requests users to confirm they wish to be redirected.

  • Customisation and Maintenance - Easy to use dashboard to customise and manage the mobile website.

Customer Views

"MymCart helps us bring the quality user experience which our customers expect from us on to the mobile platform."

Ben Melluish, Ecommerce Controller - The Red Rose Society

"We've received 5% more sales since we’ve put our mymcart mobile site live."

Cheryl O'Neill, Owner - London Boots