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Feel free to contact us if you have any questions, although the information below may help answer some of them.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How long will it take for my mobile site to go live?

As soon as you have completed the sign-up process your mobile website will be live. You then have the opportunity to add your logo, images, marketing text, contact and social profile information. When you are satisfied with the way it looks, you should add your Device Detection Code to your desktop website, within the section. This redirects mobile-based visitors to your mobile-optimised website. Essentially the whole process should take about 1 hour at most.

Q: Will my new website be compatible with all mobile devices?

We use a catch-all Device Detection Code that will redirect all users with mobile devices to your mobile-optimised website. Furthermore, our template system is designed using state-of-the-art html5 code which renders on all mobile devices. Even though there are a wide variety of mobile phones with differing screen-sizes and resolutions, the MymCart template accounts for this and renders buttons and text to the full width of the page available.

Q: I have a desktop website, what should I do next?

The first thing to do is think about which features you would like your mobile website to have. You can find a full list of available mobile website features and which packages include them. You then select the most relevant package for your needs. Next, sign-up and then add your logos, marketing text and social profile details. (Dependent on which package you have purchased).

Q: When will customers see my mobile site?

There are two ways that customers will find your mobile site. The first is if your customer visits your site directly via a link or a bookmark. At this stage they will be redirected to your mobile site if they are using a mobile device. The second way is if people conduct a search for your products and your mobile-optimised site is displayed in the search results.

Q: What is a Device Detection Code?

A Device Detection Code is a few lines of JavaScript that you place in your site's template. This identifies when a mobile device is being used and redirects them to your mobile-optimised website.

Q: How does it work?

When you sign-up we will give you some Device Detection Code for you to insert into the template of your desktop website. This will check which device your visitor is using and then redirect them to your mobile website if they are using a mobile device. If your customer is using a desktop computer they will remain on your main website.

Q: Where does the Device Detection Code go?

The Device Detection Code is placed at the top of your template's section. If it is placed higher up the page's code then it will detect mobile users more quickly and provide a better user experience.

Q: Do I need to convert my current desktop website?

You don't need to do any hard-coding to set up a MymCart mobile-optimised website. All you should do is add contact and marketing information and copy the Device Detection Code into your website's head section.

Q: Do I need to buy extra hosting?

No. Your mobile website will be hosted on our servers and the cost of hosting is within your package price.

Q: Can I have the mobile website located on my own subdomain?

Certainly. Please contact us to enquire as this will be set up offline.


Q: What size does my logo need to be?

Your mobile e-commerce store uses a template system; hence we need to specify the dimensions of your logo – which appears at the top of your homepage. The required size of this banner is 640px x 84px.

Q: What size does my banner need to be?

Similarly to the logo, you can set a banner to appear which links to a category of your choice. This banner would need to be 640px by 222px.

Q: Can I use multiple banners?


Q: Do I need a .mobi domain name?

No. .mobi domain names are not essential to having a mobile website. Furthermore, the search engines do not require them for your mobile website to be found in their search results pages.

My Account

Q: How much notice do I have to give to close my account?

At the bottom of this page you will find a link to our current terms and conditions. You would have been notified during sign-up of the notice period. However, feel free to contact us for more information.

SEO - Search Engine Optimisation

Q: Can I optimise my website for SEO?

Yes you can. Depending on which package you have signed-up for, you will be able to change the title tags and Meta descriptions for each page.

Q: Can I add canonical tags?

Yes you can. For each page you can add a canonical tag back to the relevant page on your desktop site, if there is one.

Q: Can I add a Google+ For Business link?

Yes you can. Depending on which package you have purchased you can connect your mobile website back to your Google+ for Business page and vice versa.

About MymCart

Q: What is MymCart?

In the simplest of terms MymCart is a web-based mobile website creation and management service. We help customers create mobile websites and m-Commerce stores through a template system that can be updated via their web-browser.


Q: Can I track usage of my mobile website?

In the dashboard you have the ability to add your Google Analytics tracking ID into your mobile-optimised website within the General section.

Q: What are mobile websites?

Mobile websites are websites that have been optimised for use on mobile devices. The html code has been streamlined so it loads faster. They are also designed to be easier for customers to use on smaller screens. Furthermore, mobile websites often take account of the different ways users can interact with websites such as swiping the screen to make an option or pressing on a phone number to make a call.

Q: What's different between a desktop site and a mobile site?

On a very basic level the code used to create the site is different. We use prescribed information in the section of the webpage to tell mobile devices to render the pages in a format that will work best with your device. Furthermore, our templates use a much more streamlined design style so as to make it as easy for site visitors to find your information and engage with you.

Q: How stable is MymCart?

MymCart is a very stable service. We take updates daily and host with incredibly reliable companies. We also operate secure servers and intrusion detection systems.

Q: Do I have to be connected to the internet to manage my website?

Yes you do. To be able to manage your website within the dashboard you need to be connected to the internet.

Q: Do I need to buy a domain name?

No. Unless you decide to set up a sub-domain on your own domain, your mobile website will be hosted on the MymCart domain.

Q: Can I have more than one mobile website?

If you own two or more different desktop websites you can have a corresponding number of mobile websites. What isn't an option is redirecting customers to two different mobile websites from the one desktop website.